Financial Oversight is a Board Responsibility

Very bright accounting and finance professionals often find themselves scratching their head after their first experience serving on a board of directors.  At almost every board of directors meeting financial reports, Income/Expense and Balance Sheets are presented. Without any further training, the accounting or finance professional begins to use the reports as they would on

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Governance Boards Align Leadership

If you have been a member of a board of directors in the last 40 years, you have most likely been exposed to the question, “Are you a governance Board?”  This question is really asking whether or not your board has moved beyond trying to operate the organization to better understanding its role to oversee

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Why Invest in Governance Development?

Why invest in governance development? The very question itself implies that some are questioning the return on investment of investing in their board of directors and governance. It might also imply that the board of directors only exists because the law requires it. What if the board of directors was seen as an important element

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