The Reason You’re Experiencing Organizational Misalignment

A friend recently complained that a problem with their foot caused them to limp and the limp caused their hip to hurt as well. I am sure you have experienced something similar. We all know that the accommodations that we make for one misaligned part of our body can cause problems in another part of our body. It turns out that the same thing can be observed in your organization. This is particularl...
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Board Responsibilities and Who They Protect

Roles of boards and staff | Aligned Influence
I was training a new set of board members for a client recently and the question that I always hope will get asked came up. One of the trainees said, “I think we really need to stand up for our executive director and take some of the heat off of them.” These are words that will warm the heart of any executive director. Why I like this particular question is that it reveals the confusion that membe...
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Financial Oversight is a Board Responsibility

Very bright accounting and finance professionals often find themselves scratching their head after their first experience serving on a board of directors.  At almost every board of directors meeting financial reports, Income/Expense and Balance Sheets are presented. Without any further training, the accounting or finance professional begins to use the reports as they would on a daily basis to mana...
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Governance Boards Align Leadership

If you have been a member of a board of directors in the last 40 years, you have most likely been exposed to the question, “Are you a governance Board?” This question is really asking whether or not your board has moved beyond trying to operate the organization to better understanding its role to oversee or govern the organization. It is really seeking to determine if you and your board have ado...
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Why Invest in Governance Development?

Why invest in governance development? The very question itself implies that some are questioning the return on investment of investing in their board of directors and governance. It might also imply that the board of directors only exists because the law requires it. What if the board of directors was seen as an important element of the entire organization; that they do play a legal compliance rol...
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Is governance a legal issue or an organizational development issue?

Is governance a legal issue or an organizational development issue? Your answer to this question probably depends on your position in the organization. If you are the lead counsel for an organization, you probably see it as a legal issue. If you are the executive director or the chairperson of a board of directors, you might be more likely to see it as an organizational development issue. The real...
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