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Hundreds of churches across the country have dedicated teams of people who are ready to serve God and spread his word. However, they often face challenges that prevent them from achieving their desired impact. To overcome these obstacles, many seek out church consulting services, but finding the right approach can be difficult. Sound familiar?

Throughout our decades of experience and consulting work with churches across the U.S., we have found that in most cases, the root cause of the challenges churches face is the undefined and struggling relationship between the pastor and the board of directors.

That’s where an actionable model that serves organizationallyspiritually, and scripturally comes into play. More specifically, the Aligned Influence Model.

At Aligned Influence, we provide hands-on church governance consulting using a proven model to build and sustain a governance structure. This allows your church to serve God and create the impact you and your team set out to achieve.

If you’re ready to continue your journey with more impact, contact us for a free initial consultation. If you need more time and information to make a decision, please scroll below for additional details and resources.

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The Difference

Build An Impactful Church With The Right Approach

A 21st Century Perspective

Our model contextualizes and adapts biblical imperatives for the 21st century, accounting for differences in your church's culture, size, complexity, and leadership.

Eliminate Conflict

Pastors and boards are too often pitted against each other, vying for control and dominance. The Aligned Influence approach establishes an ecosystem of influence within your church that aligns the pastor and the board, which drives true effectiveness.

Clarity of Roles and Purpose

Our church consulting approach encourages the shared purpose of influence by defining roles and highlighting the interconnectedness and dependencies between the board, the pastor, and the elders. The role of the board is to direct, protect, and enable, while the role of the pastor and his or her staff is to lead, manage, and accomplish.

People-First Model

Adopting good policies will help support your church's governance. However, it's the alignment of your church's people, not policies, that is the answer to overcoming your challenges. Policies are merely tools. Impactful solutions come from the alignment of people, the leadership, and the community voices that define a church's very essence.

Experience Change

Church Consulting Results

By utilizing the Aligned Influence Model and our church consulting services, you will experience a complete transformation that delivers results in months versus years.


The relationship between your church's pastors and elders will be aligned, mended, and strengthened.


You will triumph over divisions in your church related to social, political, and even theological issues.


You will clearly understand the governance roles of members, boards, and pastors.


Even your most capable and charismatic senior pastors will align with the oversight of an elder board.


You will master the ability to structure governance in your church.

Church Consulting Steps

3 Steps to Alignment

As part of this journey, a skilled church consultant is crucial to the process. Utilizing an Aligned Influence facilitator – a guide throughout your alignment – will significantly improve the time it takes for your church to see results.

Step 1

Assess the current level of alignment within the church.

Step 2

Craft the policies and calendaring tools that support that alignment.

Step 3

Lock that alignment in place through a calendar of critical activities each year.

Sounds easy right? I encourage you to read more detail about the theories and structures behind Aligned Influence in our book Aligned Influence: Beyond Governance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term policy governance implies that better governing policies will produce better governance outcomes. Today we know that even the best governance policies will not have the impact that they promise without proper alignment between the Lead Pastor and the Board of Elders.

Proper alignment defines unique roles for each and then aligns those roles. Then and only then can governing policies be written to support that alignment and produce the direction, protection and enablement that boards need to provide so that Pastors and their teams can lead, manage and accomplish ministry.

At Aligned Influence Consulting we provide the framework, facilitation and coaching necessary to help you create both alignment and great governing policies.

With a title like that, who could argue with the proposed solution. However, the solution suggests that there is little or no difference between the roles of the Pastor and the Overseers/Elders, which actually reflects a problematic misunderstanding of the governance itself.

Good governance starts with the understanding that the role of the overseer is created to protect the interests of those whose assets are being managed sometimes against the actions of self-interested Pastors. Non-profits understand quickly that they are managing the assets of their donors and grantors.

Churches extend that understanding to clarify that they are also responsible to God, whose Church, Christ’s body on earth, has been committed to their administration. Therefore, it is critical that church overseers have a clear understanding of the intended outcomes of governance so that any hermeneutical interpretation of scripture ensures that our conclusions make sense in a 21st century context.

Aligned Influence Consulting has provided churches with a framework that acknowledges that intentions of modern governance and the truths of scripture.

Your church is not the first to struggle to balance its historical governance practices with truths of scripture. At Aligned Influence Consulting, we would agree that scripture clearly includes roles for both Elders (overseers) and Deacons (servant leaders).

Unfortunately, scripture speaks much more about the characteristics of those who carry these titles than defining the roles that they play. Aligned Influence provides a framework that defines unique, alignable roles for each that also respects the truths that we do find in scripture.

You can learn more about this structure in a white paper here on our website at

Magnify Your Impact

If you're ready to embrace a 21st century approach that aligns your church, clearly defines all roles and responsibilities, and ultimately allows you to achieve your desired impact, Aligned Influence provides the church consulting you need.

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