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Effective governance for schools is crucial for ensuring the success of educational institutions and their impact on students. Many schools, however, struggle to implement and maintain a structure that works. This can and will lead to conflict and poor performance if not corrected.

So, why is it that so many schools are struggling?

Throughout our decades of experience and consulting work with schools across the country, we have found that, in many cases, schools have the illusion of robust governance. For these institutions, much of their success is situational, and it instantly dissolves as soon as threats emerge, like the absence of a key player.

That’s where an actionable model created for 21st-century challenges comes into play. More specifically, the Aligned Influence Model.

At Aligned Influence, we provide hands-on governance consulting for your school, using a proven model to build and maintain your governance structure. Therefore, allowing you to better serve your students and create the impact you and your team set out to achieve.

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Build an Impactful School With the Right Approach

A 21st Century Perspective

Our model is developed for the challenges schools face today and accounts for the various factors that can affect a school's performance, including its culture, size, complexity, and leadership.

Eliminate Conflict

All too often, there is a power struggle between school leaders and boards, with both sides vying for control and authority. The Aligned Influence approach creates a harmonious and cooperative ecosystem within the school, where the superintendent and the board work seamlessly together, leading to true effectiveness.

Clarity of Roles and Purpose

Our school governance approach encourages the shared purpose of influence by defining roles and highlighting the interconnectedness and dependencies between the board and the superintendent. The role of the board is to direct, protect, and enable, while the role of the superintendent and their staff is to lead, manage, and accomplish.

People-First Model

Adopting good policies will help support your school's governance. However, it's the alignment of your team, not policies, that is the answer to overcoming challenges. Policies are merely tools. Impactful solutions come from the alignment of people and the community voices that define a school's very essence.

Experience Change

School Consulting Results

By utilizing our governance model for your school, you will experience a complete transformation that delivers results in months versus years.


The relationship between your school's superintendent and board will be mended, aligned, and strengthened.


Your newly discovered and fortified alignment will prevent the loss of Heads of Schools.


You will clearly understand the governance roles of the superintendent, boards, and staff.


You will stabilize your enrollment numbers and find new opportunities for growth.


You will find common ground on how to manage crises, such as the COVID pandemic, and be able to establish a comprehensive way forward.

School Governance Roadmap

3 Steps to Alignment

As part of this journey, a skilled consultant is crucial to the process. Utilizing an Aligned Influence facilitator – a guide throughout your alignment – will significantly improve the time it takes for your school to see results.

Step 1

Assess the current level of alignment within the school.

Step 2

Craft the policies and calendaring tools that support that alignment.

Step 3

Lock that alignment in place through a calendar of critical activities each year.

Sounds easy right? I encourage you to read more about the theories and structures behind Aligned Influence in our book Aligned Influence: Beyond Governance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Aligned Influence model aligns your leadership, elevates your organizational structures, and creates harmony between all roles, resulting in a complete transformation in a matter of months.


In addition, it constructs an ecosystem of shared goals and objectives that generate vitality, efficiencies, and effectiveness, allowing you to withstand difficult times and grow your stakeholders' confidence.


This is accomplished by creating three ordered pairs of unique but complementary responsibilities for both the board and the executive.

  • The board directs the organization, and the executive leads it.
  • The board protects the organization, and the executive manages it.
  • The board enables the work of the organization, and the executive accomplishes it.

Parents can be board members, but when they do so, they are no longer protecting their own interests or those of one special interest group. They are now protecting the interests of all stakeholders.


Today, many parents desire to join boards with the goal of “fixing” something that they think is wrong. This often leads to devastating outcomes for the school.


A framework must exist that clarifies the role of the board and communicates to all new board members whose interests they are to protect.

One of the biggest obstacles to improving governance is that it isn't considered a high priority. Everyone agrees that it is critically important, but responsibilities like selecting a new executive or raising more money are seen as urgent and take the board’s attention.


Boards must have the discipline to understand that focusing exclusively on urgent tasks will leave them vulnerable when matters like governance are neglected.


Failing to prioritize and address critical responsibilities will only increase pressing issues. For example, inadequate governance can cause top performers to resign and create new emergencies.

Magnify Your Impact

With Aligned Influence's model and governance consulting, you can modernize your school's governance to establish alignment, define all roles and responsibilities, and achieve your desired impact.

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