Invest in Your Organization’s Effectiveness

Maintaining the alignment of the “eco-system of influence” in your organization will not happen without ongoing investment and commitment by the key influencers in the organization. The Stay Aligned engagement is designed to be an ongoing, annually renewed engagement that ensures the board and the executive have access to the coaching and consultation services that they need each year.

After going through the foundational Get Aligned engagement, boards and executives still need access to professional services to help them stay aligned and become more effective. Typical uses of the professional service include:

Regularly Scheduled Coaching: Monthly or quarterly calls/meetings with the board chairperson and the executive director.

Event-Based Consultation: Access to just-in-time consultation calls/meetings to help the board and/or the executive director address the inevitable challenges that occur each year.

Annual Board Training and Orientation: Annual training to orient new board members to their role and maintain the discipline of existing board members.

Annual Community Engagement Retreats: Boards engage their stakeholders in annual conversations to ensure that they have appropriate context when setting direction for the organization.

*Dedicated executive development engagements are also available and contracted for separately.

If you are interested in initiating an annual Stay Aligned engagement, click here.

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