Aligning Your Governance for the 21st Century

Align your organization, clearly define all roles and responsibilities, and increase stakeholder confidence to earn more investments within months instead of years.


Real Impact

Effectiveness Achieved
Through Alignment

True effectiveness is achieved by establishing an ecosystem of influence. The ecosystem will align the board’s and executive’s respective influence appropriately and will eliminate internal competition for power.

All Roles & Responsibilities are
Clearly Defined

The Aligned Influence model provides a holistic approach to organizational development. Unlike other models, both the board and executive are educated and empowered to work within their distinct but complementary roles and responsibilities.

Earn More Investments & Trust
from Stakeholders

Your organization will experience an increase in efficiency, sustainability, and trustworthiness, leading to more confident stakeholders. More confident stakeholders lead to more investments.

check. get. stay. drive.

The 4 stages of Effective Governance

Whether you are starting from the beginning or struggling to redefine your current model, Aligned Influence is your map forward.

Starting at different points within the four stages means that pricing is flexible depending on your existing level of success.

1. Check Alignment

Your organization’s alignment will be checked using a low-cost/high-value custom assessment that will provide insight into your organization’s level of development and the key components that need improvement.

2. Get Aligned

You will be led through a series of exploration, document development, and coaching engagements designed to better define and align the key influencer roles in your organization.

3. Stay Aligned

Once all parties are aligned and your corporate governance is in sync, you can begin to leverage that alignment to drive effectiveness throughout your organization.

4. Drive Effectiveness

Ensure that your board and executive have access to the educational and consultation services that they need by attending an easy, ongoing, annually renewed engagement.

Get Inspired by Leaders who Use Aligned Influence for their Governance Consulting

"Since we adopted the Aligned Influence® model, we’ve been able to QUADRUPLE the number of families served."

-David C. Emerson, executive director, Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley, Colorado

"I’ve worked with Ken personally and witnessed the impressive results of his Aligned Influence® model firsthand."

- Colonel Ray Rottman, USAF (ret), executive director of Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers

Being "okay" with where you are is great. However, I encourage you to ask yourself why that is. Is it a result of who you currently have in certain positions on the board and in the C-suite or is it the result of a structure that will ensure that your current state exists regardless of who is in those positions? Times of being “okay” are great opportunities to build on situational organizational health and to establish structural organization health.

One of the growing trends in corporate governance is to perceive good compliance as a replacement for good governance.  Governance failures in the latter part of the 20th century invited intervention in the form of legislation which has lured corporations to believe that compliance with these external regulations is evidence of good governance. However, corporate history has proven that many significant governance failures have occurred shortly after the corporation was being lauded for its compliance efforts. By nature, external compliance requirements are general and applied broadly. In the 21st century, corporate governance is being challenged to be stakeholder-focused, and just engaging our attorneys in compliance efforts will do little to engage us with the interests of all stakeholders.

We understand that organizations have to be wise in the way that they spend and invest their resources. Governance development is often perceived as an important but not urgent expenditure….until it becomes urgent. While cost is relative to budgets, our clients tell us that the costs were reasonable and paled to the benefits that they realized. As an example, our most extensive phase of engagement is typically less than $10,000.

The “roadmap” of engagements on the journey to aligned and improved governance includes four stages. The most extensive of those engagements is a two-day retreat with much of the rest of the work being done remotely.

Most of us have bookshelves full of three-ring binders from training we have attended. Truth be told, most of those binders have not been touched since they were put away. The reason why is simple: Training teaches us how to do something, whereas education teaches us why to do something. Aligned Influence is committed to educating our clients, engaging our clients in understanding their own organization in light of that education, guiding them through the development of tools to align the efforts of the board and executive team, and coaching/encouraging them as they implement these new tools and ways of thinking.
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Invest in Organizational Transformation

Using Aligned Influence, the Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley DOUBLED their involvement in communities in which they work and in the types of services they provide.

They also QUADRUPLED the number of families they serve.

Not ready to accept a consultation? Check out my book on Amazon. I break down the Aligned Influence model and reveal the formula for governance success in the 21st century.
our promise

Moving Your Leadership to Clarity and Alignment

Aligned Influence was created out of the need for a governance model that implemented a holistic approach. Models that have come before tend to only focus on the board’s issues. However, addressing a part of the problem doesn’t handle the whole problem and leads organizations down a path of the following
  • Misalignment
  • Undefined roles
  • Instability
  • Destructive competition
  • Unprotected investor and donor dollars 
  • Distrust among stakeholders
We are the only model that educates and clarifies the roles of boards and executive leadership so that they can function effectively and with a shared purpose…and the only one that can transform and elevate your organization so that it’s perfectly aligned and forward-thinking within a matter of months. 
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