Aligning Oversight Roles for Government Entities

Public Trust Advisors and governance | Aligned InfluencePublic Trust Advisors is one of the leading providers of Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) management and related services to public sector clients; delivering safety of principal, minimization of market volatility, superior risk-adjusted returns.

Public Trust Advisors delivers their investment management services through an approach that is honed by long-standing client relationships and driven by rigorous processes, client transparency, and compliance management.

Now, through partnership with Aligned Influence Consulting, Public Trust Advisors is also providing their clients with a robust collaborative structure that aligns the oversight role of the local Board of Directors and operational role of the management team at Public Trust Advisors. This partnership provides a value-added, competitive advantage to the native investment management services provided by the professionals at Public Trust Advisors.

If you are local government entity and want to learn more about Public Trust Advisors, Aligned Influence and their partnership, click here.

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