Civic Entities Benefit from Aligning Boards and Leadership for More Effective Governance

Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency | Aligned InfluenceCIRSA, the Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency, is the leading provider of comprehensive coverages and risk management services to Colorado municipalities and affiliated public entities.  CIRSA member-owned and was established in 1982, and today, 80 percent of municipalities in Colorado own CIRSA, pooling their resources for greater buying power in the insurance market and relying on them for expertise in everything related to risk management.

Now through partnership with Aligned Influence Consulting, CIRSA is extending the expertise that they offer their members to governance and leadership alignment.  CIRSA’s Board of Directors engaged Aligned Influence Consulting to structure their own Board/Executive Team relationship and now recognizes the potential positive impact the Aligned Influence structure might have in their members organizations and the working relationship between their Boards and their Executives; even to the point of offering to share some of the cost their members would incur to engage Aligned Influence professionals.

If you are public entity in Colorado and want to learn more about CIRSA, Aligned Influence and their partnership, click here.

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