Executive & Board Assessment to Check Organizational Alignment

Every organization represents an “eco-system of influence” and that is particularly true of organizations that have boards of directors. The key is to understand how well the influence of the board and the influence of the executive are “aligned” in your organization. And, to do that, organizations should conduct an executive and board assessment.

The assessment starts with the all-important question, who leads your organization, your board or your executive? For years, we have been evaluating and developing boards and executives in isolation. As a result, both the board and the executive feel like they are doing what they should, but often end up further isolated and more misaligned than ever before.

Check Your Alignment is a web-based survey tool that is based on the Aligned Influence® Model which identifies three influence roles for the board (Direct, Protect and Enable) and three influence roles for the executive (Lead, Manage and Accomplish). The model aligns the two roles by introducing ordered pairs of influence. The survey was developed in cooperation with and is delivered through the survey and data analysis services of New Measures.

The Check Your Alignment survey is a low cost/high value first step for organizations that want to get a sense of where they are developmentally and how they could target their organizational development investments. We analyze and provide our clients a summary report that reflects the perceptions of an organization’s alignment and then provide strategies to improve that alignment. The engagement includes a facilitated session with an Aligned Influence Consultant to help your team get the most out of the results.

To initiate your Check Alignment engagement and take the executive and board assessment, contact us here.

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