Executive Director vs Board of Directors. Who’s Leading?

This has become my favorite question for nonprofits and municipalities. Who leads your organization, your board of directors or your executive director and their team? Most people initially look at me as if I have asked them a riddle and then most say, “Well, I think we both do.” My follow-up is, “You’re probably right. How is it working for both of you to lead the organization?” They immediately get it. With one simple question, I have nailed the problem that they have been stumbling over for months or even years. It is this simple question that has helped me see clearly the problem that organizations with boards of directors (councils, trustees, or whatever other name they might have in a particular context) and executives have been trying to solve using well-known but less-than-effective models. Aligned Influence® is the solution to the executive director vs board of directors conundrum. We have to move beyond questions like, “How do we both lead the organization” to “How do we both uniquely influence the organization.” We can both influence the future in aligned ways. We can both influence the day-to-day operations in aligned ways, and we can both claim an active “Do” role in the organization. When aligned, we don’t find ourselves competing for power. We don’t find ourselves feeling ineffective or impotent to positively impact our organization. Our effectiveness will increase, and our donors will see an improved return on their investments. Sound too good to be true?  Visit us at www.alignedinfluence.com and let our clients convince you.

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