Christian School Board Governance

Aligned Influence Consulting has just begun its 4th year as an approved provider of services for the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and its member schools. Christian schools are important part of the educational fabric in almost every community in America and in many countries around the world. Their mission is to provide an excellent private school academic experience in the context of Christian worldview. Often founded by a church and sometimes initially operating within the facilities of that church, the school naturally grows to a point of size and maturity that they need to become more independent. That independence almost always requires that the school develop its own organizational status and independent board of directors. That maturation process can be stressful and is made even more so if the school does not proactively seek professional guidance as their school becomes more independent. Aligned Influence has helped several schools, both to actively develop their capacity to operate and to govern themselves independently. ACSI provides a great deal of programmatic guidance and partners with Aligned Influence to provide governance development services to Christian school boards. If you are ready to step-up your board’s capacity to govern, Aligned Influence is ready to help the leaders of your school to “Get Aligned” and “Stay Aligned.” Learn more at

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