Defining and Aligning Roles for Focus on Operations and Governance

Ambleside Schools International is the founding, training and accrediting organization for a growing network of private schools which all share the ideals of an Ambleside/Charlotte Mason education.  Charlotte Mason was a British educator who established the philosophy of a “living education” in the latter half of 19th century.  Ambleside schools have been establish throughout the United States and internationally.

Ambleside Schools International professionals are experts in curriculum development and teacher training, but look to strategic partners to provide other services to their schools.  Aligned Influence is proud to be one of those partners; providing organizational development consulting services to the Boards of Directors and Heads of Schools.

Aligned Influence Consulting provides a simple but yet innovative framework for defining and aligning the roles of the Board of Directors and the Head of School that encompasses the governance and operations of the school.  Aligned Influence Consultants are all Christians with significant Christian School experience and assist schools through one of four primary engagements.

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