Creating Healthy Frameworks for Organizational Governance

acsiThe Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) is the largest Protestant educational organization in the world. ACSI member schools serve more than 5.5 million students worldwide in nearly 24,000 schools from over 100 countries.

Every Christian school has the potential for unique challenges, but on a whole many, if not most, of the challenges they face are very similar.  One of those non-unique challenges is developing a healthy organizational framework that includes a Board of Directors, a Head of School, faculty and often a founding church.

ACSI provides many services to their schools directly and may others through a network of strategic partnerships.  Aligned Influence Consulting is proud to be one of those partners.

Aligned Influence Consulting provides a simple but yet innovative framework for defining and aligning the roles of the Board of Directors and the Head of School that encompasses the governance and operations of the school.  Aligned Influence Consultants are all Christians with significant Christian School experience and assist schools through one of four primary engagements.

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