Create an Ecosystem of Influence with Aligned Organizational and Policy Governance

Aligning the “eco-system of influence” in your organization is a very structured, safe, and effective process. The Get Aligned engagement will involve the board of directors, the executive director, and the executive’s team in a series of exploration, document development, and coaching engagements; all designed to better define and align key influencer roles in the organization.

The Get Aligned engagement is where the foundational work of Aligned Influence is implemented. In the past, board members would have engaged in governance training and the executive director and their team would have been sent to leadership development conferences. In the Get Aligned engagement, the board members and the executive director and sometimes even some of the executive’s direct reports engage in a series of organizational development efforts that address both the board’s governing role the executive’s operational role.

Organizational Exploration: The board members and the executive team explore their current roles and alignment.

Policy Development: The board develops its Direct, Protect and Enable policies and the executive identifies Leadership and Management policies and procedure development needs.

Board Calendar, Agenda and Document Development: The board creates the tools it needs to keep its self on track and disciplined to its roles.

Staff Exploration: Engage all the staff (and faculty in schools) in an exploration of the “alignment” work in which the board and the executive team have been involved; inviting everyone in the organization to be part of the alignment process.

Coaching: 90 days of coaching with the chairperson of the board and the executive director as they implement the newly aligned roles that have been defined.

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