Strength-based Leadership to Drive Effectiveness and Excel in Defined Roles

Board members know that their role is to direct, protect, and enable the work of the organization. Executive Directors and their key staff leaders know their role is to lead, manage, and accomplish the work of the organization.

Those roles can be seen as ordered pairs of influence and potential effectiveness; direct and lead focusing on the future of the organization, protect and manage focusing on the operational aspects of the organization. Staying disciplined in these roles is the foundation for becoming more effective organization.

Strengths-based leadership development requires an exploration of each person’s strengths, developing strategies to use their strengths, recruiting others who can assist them in areas that are not their strengths, and watching “game film” together over time.

Such development for key board and executive team members can be a strategic investment for maturing organizations. To initiate development engagement for one of your leaders, click here.

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