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Our Team


Ken Schuetz is the CEO and Founder of Aligned Influence Consulting and the creator of the Aligned Influence model.  Ken invested the first 25 years of his career as an executive at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado where Ken also earned his degree and where he currently is a member of the teaching faculty of the Leeds School of Business.  Ken is the author of many articles and his soon to be released book which documents the Aligned Influence model and its application in organizations that have boards and executive teams.  Ken has served on the boards of schools, churches and non-profits as well as the chairman of the Substantial Services Taskforce for the National Education Broadband Service Association and the International Development Committee for St. Vrain Valley Habitat for Humanity.  Ken utilizes his 25 years of experience as an executive in higher education, multiple years as board leadership and an academic background in organizational communication to help organizations achieve the effectiveness that they and their communities of interest desire.  Ken's work in organizational leadership has extended to many organizations across the United States: profit and non-profit, faith-based and secular.


Jeff Robinson comes to Aligned Influence with broad experience in educational and nonprofit leadership. He holds Doctoral and Master’s degrees in Educational Leadership from The University of Southern Mississippi, and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Theology from Harding University and Florida Christian College respectively. Jeff has engaged in higher education administration, church ministry, and nonprofit oversight for the past thirty years. He is enjoying increasing opportunities to speak into the development of boards and management teams.
Jeff’s wife, Sylvia, the other Dr. Robinson, is the principal at Rocky Mountain Christian Academy where they raised their three children. He loves deep conversations, gourmet cooking and anything near the water.


John Woods has spent most of his career in management for high tech companies including IBM, Storage Technology and Reference Technology and later leveraged his high tech leadership experience in a private consulting practice. John serves on the Board of Directors for Partners in Parenting and Flatirons Habitat for Humanity in Boulder, Colorado where he also served as President of the Board, interim Executive Director and drove organizational transformation using the Aligned Influence model to improve the affiliate’s alignment and effectiveness. He has a MS in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Missouri.

Our Approach

Aligned Influence consultants believe that our client holds the ultimate responsibility for improving their organization. The Aligned Influence consultant's role is to bring new information and insight, to enable leaders to understand and execute their roles, to commit to an ongoing coaching relationship with those leaders and to structure both internal and external discussions to ensure that they are safe and effective.

Our Organization

Aligned Influence, LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation and registered and located in Colorado and insured appropriately. Trade mark and trade name registrations are in process.